CEFS Filesystem


cefs filesystem - The filesystem manager


CEFS Filesystem commands allow you to manage the organization of CEFS file systems.


cefs filesystem {COMMAND} [OPTIONS] {ARGS}


cefs filesystem [ -h | --help ]Prints this help message.
cefs filesystem [ -V | --version ]Prints current version.
cefs filesystem mount <src> <mp>Mount a filesystem.
cefs filesystem umount <mp>Unmount a filesystem.
cefs filesystem mkfs <target>Create a CEFS filesystem.


mount <source> <mount-point>

Mount CEFS filesystem.

-l, --log

Enable logging.


(UNSTABLE)Enable DAC security.


Verify usage of unstable features.

-o <opts>

Storage driver options.

--source-driver <source-driver>

Front-end source-driver.

--storage-driver <storage-driver>

Back-end storage driver.

umount <mount-point>

Unmount a CEFS filesystem.

mkfs <target>

Initialize (create) a new CEFS filesystem.

-D, --driver <backend>

Backend-store determines what type of storage you want to use CEFS on. (default: logfs) [possible values: flat-file, key-value]

-s, --source <source>

Source directory or block device, used to populate the data. If not specified, no data is populated.

-o <options>

Advanced options. (see documentation for details)