Let's rectify your data!

To rescue your data from peril, you simply command Resiliate to rectify your mounted directory and your data will be recovered. There is also manual access if a more granular approach is necessary.

  1. Run a rectify in dry run mode to see what will be rectified from what point:

    aifs rectify ${AIFS_MOUNTDIR} now --dry-run -v
  2. Run the rectify command in one of the following methods:

    1. Automatically and immediately rectify your data:

      aifs rectify ${AIFS_MOUNTDIR} now
    2. Alternately, manually set up sāf points and rectify from them:

      aifs rectify ${AIFS_MOUNTDIR} memory ${RECOVERY_ID}
      aifs rectify ${AIFS_MOUNTDIR} from
  3. Your clean data is now available in the mounted directory!

    This should look something like the following:

    rectify now dry run

    Notice that, not only has your data been restored but also your permissions and settings.