CEFS Installation

This document is for CEFS version 2.0.0-beta+1000


  • Ubuntu Server 20.10

  • Administration access

  • RAM 16GB (minimum)

Installing CEFS

  1. Get CEFS on your server.

    Select your target system:

    Cut and paste the following into a terminal to begin download and installation:

    curl -s https://saf.ai/downloads/stable/cefs-init.sh | sudo bash

    This should look something like the following:

  2. Initialize a new CEFS store.

    Initialize a store on a new partition and mount it to a location to run the file system on it.

    export CEFS_PARTITION=/dev/sdb1 CEFS_MOUNTDIR=/srv/cefs
    sudo cefs storage init ${CEFS_PARTITION}
    sudo mkdir -p ${CEFS_MOUNTDIR}
    sudo cefs filesystem mount ${CEFS_PARTITION} ${CEFS_MOUNTDIR}
  3. You can now use /srv/cefs for your storage needs.

Testing your new CEFS filesystem