Getting Started

In this section you will learn how to get started using CEFS on your system!

Native windows support is coming soon, meanwhile you can use Samba to export CEFS protected partition to your Windows Network. Since all the protection is built into the file system you don't need any agents on your Microsoft Windows® end-points, and still get protection of any data stored on the CEFS partition.

Quick Start? if we still want a quickstart...


Cut and paste the URL for your flavor of Linux Distribution into a terminal to begin download and installation:


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server

curl -s | sudo bash

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 // CentOS 8 Server

curl -s | sudo bash

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

curl -s | sudo bash

This should look something like the following

cefs download


Initialize a store on a new partition and mount this store to a location for the file system to run on.

export CEFS_PARTITION=/dev/sdb1 CEFS_MOUNTDIR=/srv/cefs
sudo cefs storage init ${CEFS_PARTITION}
sudo mkdir -p ${CEFS_MOUNTDIR}
sudo cefs filesystem mount ${CEFS_PARTITION} ${CEFS_MOUNTDIR}

You can now use /srv/cefs for your storage needs.

Your new CEFS filesystem is now ready to test.

Now let's create, destroy, rectify, and analyze!